Our vision and mission to look into existing and forthcoming market dynamics and provide market insights for successful business of our clients

Looking Inward

Observe and understand consumers closely and in depth Analyze clients’ business issues (business goals, capabilities, potentials, and limitations)

What we do

The core value of qualitative research lies in profound understanding of consumers, and the most meaningful insights for the clients can only be delivered with a clear understanding of their business goals and marketing issues. Researchers at Research House bo:m have expertise in understanding consumer behavior and

Looking Outward

Monitor competitive market environment Identify client’s market opportunities and potential threats

What we do

For comprehensive understanding of consumers, researchers at Research House bo:m accumulate our knowledge not only through ad-hoc research projects but also from our continuous studies on sociocultural environment and overall market structure.

Looking Forward

Foresee market trends and movements Look ahead into our clients’ business development areas

What we do

Precise diagnosis of existing environment and foreseeing forthcoming market trends are equally important. Research House bo:m is dedicated to continuous study on evolution of trends in order to support our clients to develop their business strategies for the future.